My name is Adina Mazzucco. I have created this website as a way to share information and connect with others who have been diagnosed with or are affected by someone with a mental illness.

     It is my belief that I can have a fulfilling and enriched life in spite of the limitations and challenges that having mental illness in my family has posed.

     It is also my belief that society in regards to mental health and psychiatry has come a long way in the past twenty-five years since I was first diagnosed and am hopeful that the mental health care systems and the stigma surrounding people diagnosed with a mental illness continue to improve.

      I want to do my part by sharing my story and creating a platform where we can share our experiences and insights. I believe it is beneficial to help one another through life whenever possible and having a strong network of support is essential for optimum health.

      Maintaining a sense of humour, light heart, open mind and a hopeful mindset has gotten me through some challenging life experiences. I want to share strategies and techniques that have gotten me through episodes and helped with my endeavor of self improvement. I would also like to share with you the sources of inspiration and support I have discovered.

      I don’t claim to be a mental health expert. I think I am striving to be as self-aware and informed as possible on how to manage my life and I am curious about personal growth.

      In the past little while I have made some difficult choices and have changed my attitude. I am adopting new habits and a new lifestyle. I am hoping to sustain this period of stability with the understanding that bipolar disorder will most likely never be cured. What I want is to be as prepared as possible for an episode of mania or depression and do everything in my power to prevent it or manage it well.

      I believe everyone has value and gains success in life by identifying the value you can bring to the world and bringing it. If you have been labelled with a mental illness, you have a loved one with a mental illness or are in the least bit interested I welcome you to join me on my quest to inspire hope and offer support in order to help one another. As this site expands I will be providing a way to create your own profile and share your experiences with your own mental health challenges and you will be able to connect with others.

      I spent far too much of my time hiding in shame of who I am, or I should say, who I thought I was.


One thought on “Introduction

  1. Congratulations on your journey Adina, this is a great tool to connect and learn!
    I truly believe that whoever struggles with mental health issues that is making a conscious effort to improve his/her sense of self is definitely better equipped in life than whoever else take it for granted. Good mental health is something to maintain and care for. Nobody is immuned to its degradation (much like physical health).
    Cheers to that!


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