I think the number one tool that has helped my recovery and healing process is practicing an attitude of gratitude. Life before I decided to change my life around was full of self loathing, a general disliking of life itself, people around me and my circumstances. I was taking for granted everything that I now view as having great value. My appreciation, for not only the amazing experiences, supportive people, my strengths and assets but also the challenges and struggles I face has proven to improve the quality of my life tremendously. For me it was a matter of reminding myself of the positive. Our brains are wired for fault finding. It’s survival thinking. Adjusting to focussing on the value and worth of situations shifted my perspective. It started with my painful break up. I had to receive the lesson in that period of time. I felt like I lost absolutely everything and it was destroying what was left of my spirit. I had to view it as an opportunity. I never have been an optimist. I was an idealist and along with that comes a never ending search for perfecting flaws and mistakes. I am working on being more accepting. Handling life on life’s terms as they say. In life these things I used to consider flaws and mistakes I now characterize and challenges, obstacles, areas of improvement or any other word that describes what I used to think of as permanent barriers to perfection….. Everything and everyone is already perfect as is because I am so extremely grateful for this life today. I have so much peace and joy mostly due to this one shift from entitled to grateful. I made gratitude lists and that was an okay tool but I found that the major benefits are when I am present and have a general understanding of how special the moment is and how precious and valuable life is in the here and now.

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